The Sound of Kythera

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Workshop #1 Interpreting Kythera

website cutWhat is the story of Kythera? Is it the birthplace of Aphrodite and sanctuary of the lovers that Watteau envisioned in his paintings? Is it a land of conflict and adversity where numerous conquerors set foot on? Or maybe the uncanny land of legends, where the beauty of the landscape blends with the stories of the pirates and the fairies of the creeks?

Our first workshop was about devising ways to tell the story of Kythera from our own perspective. Or at least, an intriguing one.

So we spent time working with different materials (photos, articles and quotes) and combining disparate elements to create new narratives about Kythera.

As part of the workshop, we created a mind-map of Kythera, that in the end would include all the elements associated with Kythera (geology, tradition, architecture, human geography etc) and their acoustic extensions.


Workshop design by Vivian Doumpa & Dionysis Anemogiannis


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