The Sound of Kythera



The Sound of Kythera (SoKy) is a cultural and learning project that took place in Kythera with the support of START – Create Cultural Change. SoKy worked with a group of 13 students from the high school of Kythera with whom they recorded the most significant sounds and stories of the island and used to in order to create an experience-based tour guide application. The application is now available at the arrivals section of the National Airport of Kythera, through a permanent interactive installation.

A Learning Programme

  • SoKy is created with the support of 13 students from the high school of Kythera. These students have co-designed and co-produced all the aspects of the programme.
  • Links students with technical, artistic and academic partners (e.g. Medea Electronique, Akoo-o, Hellenic Ornithological Society)
  • Organises learning workshops for high-school students (e.g. sound technology, video, acoustic ecology, social anthropology, storytelling)
  • Highlights the assets of the group in order to achieve the in-depth empowerment of the student community

SoKy and Culture

  • Takes advantage of the new media technologies in order to chart the cultural heritage of Kythera
  • Records and creatively uses the most characteristic soundscapes of the island
  • Re-creates the historic and mythical soundscape of Kythera
  • Compiles the first oral history archive of Kythera

The Sound of Kythera is a project of Nacusso (Natural and Cultural Storytelling and Soundscapes Initiative) that operates in the field of learning and youth- and community- empowerment, taking advantage of new media and the sound technologies in order to promote cultural and social change. By targeting local communities and the youth population of small towns, Nacusso works in-depth with the local youth through collaborative decision-making, design and delivery processes that finally produce important and impactful cultural outputs.


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